what to do after a storm hits

Steps To Follow After A Storm Hits

The feeling you get after taking a look at damage to your home after a storm is one you will not forget and will make your heart sink. So what should you do? Can you fix anything or should you call a contractor?

Below are 4 simple steps that everyone should take after the storm hits.

Step One: Assess & Photograph The Damage

Once the storm has passed, start taking pictures and capturing video.

Step Two: Stop the Bleeding

If water and wind are getting into your home, don’t stand around waiting for help. Cover broken windows or roof damage with plywood or a tarp.

Step Three: Save Receipts

Paperwork is crucial in the world of homeowners insurance. Staying organized now can alleviate headaches and problems later.

Step Four: Call Your Insurance Company & Soon As Possible

Get in touch with your insurance agent or insurer as soon as possible.

Do Your Homework to Make Your Home Work

Homeowners insurance and/or home repair doesn’t need to be scary or complicated. Understanding what to do after your home is damaged can make the recovery far less painful. For more information on homeowners insurance or questions about damage you may have had to your home, give one of our experts a call today at (423) 760-333 or fill out a quote form here and we will schedule a FREE In-Home consultation with you today!