Choosing the best shingle color for your home

Finding The Best Color Shingle For Your Roof

When you find yourself needing a new roof, you may wonder how to find the shingle color that is the perfect match. After all, a house should display a streamlined, cohesive look from top to bottom, which starts with an appropriate rooftop that stands as your home’s basic crowning glory. The team at Armor Xteriors Roofing Company understand the concerns Chattanooga homeowners have about choosing the right style to complement your home.

Find The Perfect Balance

The cohesive look is best achieved when you can select a color to balance the rest of your house. Take a good, honest look at your property from across the street. How does it impact you at first glance? If it’s bold and powerful, consider adding a rooftop that won’t compete with this effect. If it’s subdued, an equally low-key rooftop may be even more flattering than a vibrant one that looks out of place. Balance doesn’t mean everything matches, but it should convey a sense of continuity from top to bottom.

Explore Different Color Options

Roofing contractors often suggest looking at colors within the same family of shades. This ensures your new roof will still look right at home with the rest of your property, but won’t be obviously unmatched. Instead, it will look warm and inviting, creating a look centered around a particular group of colors.

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Think About Resale

At some point, you may choose to sell your home. If this is the case, keep longevity in mind unless you plan to hire a residential roofing contractor later on to repaint the roof. Otherwise, a classic color that plays well with the rest of the home is your best bet. Steer clear of unusual shades, bright colors, or ones unable to blend in well with the rest of the neighborhood. This will help elevate your home’s value and improve its curb appeal.

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