Common methods of finding a roof leak

How Exactly Do We Find Roofing Leaks

If you have a water leak on your ceiling, you may immediately want to think like a roofer. What checklist items and places do they check before diagnosing your leak?

Questions To Ask Yourself About a Leak

When you first notice a leak in your roof, the first question you should ask is, “What area is above this water spot?”

If its below a tub or sink then it may be one of several problems such as a  busted pipe, leaky toilet base, or a caulking issue.

These are things you can easily be fixed by calling a plumber. But lets say that your roof is above it. Then the next step is to climb into the attic.

What If My Roof Leak is Below the Attic?

Our team will make their way up into your attic to find the cause of the leak. We will begin by looking for evidence of moisture, identify the source, then find out exactly how that moisture formed.

We need to look further into the underside of sheathing board. We’ll be able to see all the nails and check for rust. Sometimes we’ll see actual frost on the sheathing. Either case, it will produce rust on the nails. So again, we’re looking for condensation, frost, rust, or mold.

How Can I Test A Roof Leak?

If your attic has no moisture or condensation then it may be an actual roof leak.

The easiest way to test this is to observe the roof during a rain storm, which we have no shortage of in Chattanooga.

If we find a leak, oftentimes, the issues are related to maybe a hole in the shingles or faulty flashing. These issues can both be “bandaged” for the time being, however, you will eventually have to replace things due to wear.

What If Leak Is Not on a Ceiling?

The final place to examine for leaks is on the exterior wall of a house. These are the generally the hardest to detect as the leaks aren’t usually obvious. More good news! The causes for these are often siding repair issues or window seal issues. Again, all these can be fix with minor investments until an total replacement is required.


Now that you know have a little insight into some of the ways roofers find leaks, you can start with your own evaluation. If you’re experiencing leak issues and need a roofer to come take a look, give us a call at (423) 760-3333.

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