I can’t thank everyone enough, and will 100% refer your company in the future!

This company is amazing. When I found them business I was still living on the West Coast, which can make it difficult to find hardworking, trustworthy companies to do the work well. I had two other contractors take my money and disappear in the midst of working on different projects prior to this so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but nonetheless the job needed to be done to prevent further damage so I had to put my faith in someone and just choose. The Google reviews held true, and I am extremely pleased at my decision to go with Armor Xteriors.

The team followed up promptly to schedule and checked in as needed to coordinate when I’d be back in town. Michael and Christopher were my main points of contact. Michael met me when I arrived back in town and walked me through the damage and plan to repair. He was honest, straightforward, and detail-oriented. I don’t believe I ever met Christopher but he did most of the coordinating over the phone, and then the follow-up work with the team I believe. Everyone was kind and patient, and eager to get started, which I appreciate!

The team started the work a little later than expected, which was not a bad thing at all. Prob why I didn’t have a chance to meet Christopher. They had a busy morning and communicated, but I wasn’t home to see the work. Honestly, I forgot until I noticed a day or 2 later that the leaves on my back porch had been swept clean. And then I remembered to look up and check the great work. Michael came back to follow up and check on one last detail. The whole experience was above and beyond- a giant leap from my experience with my former contractors, and I can’t thank you all enough for restoring my faith in a full, honest, prompt job well done. I feel this says the most about my experience. The job was so well done, and in such a clean, professional mannerism I hadn’t even noticed until I realized what a fantastic job they did cleaning up! And when Michael came back to follow up and ensure the last details were completed I was especially certain that my trust wen to the right company.

Kudos to your team. I can’t thank everyone enough, and will 100% refer your company in the future!

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