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Chattanooga Home Inspector

Chattanooga Home Inspector

About Chattanooga Home Inspector

How Can We Guarantee a Home Inspection From Chattanooga Home Inspector?

It’s easy. We find more defects than our competition. The end result is that you save more money. Most contracts allow negotiations with the seller to make repairs or give you credit at closing. So the more defects we find, the more money you save.

We don’t rush. This allows us time to do a thorough inspection of your new home or condo. This also means we charge a little more than most of our competitors.

You don’t want a cheap inspection. A cheap inspection may be the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy, it may cost you thousands of dollars down the road because of missed or overlooked defects.

Cheap home inspectors often know less and do less, which is one reason why they’re cheap.

Thomas Taylor CPA of Chattanooga

★★★★★ Johnny S.

Our inspector was great. He found things I didn’t even notice, so that’s a major win in my book.

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★★★★★ Menden K.

We would absolutely work with Chattanooga Home Inspector again, should we have the need!

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★★★★★ Cody W.

Chattanooga home inspector is the most thorough, and professional company In the business

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