Roof Wind Damage In Chattanooga

Windy Weather Can Wreck Havoc On Your Homes Roof

Recent windy weather around Chattanooga might have caused some roof damage to your home or business. That means a forecast of rain might have you worried. Strong winds can cause stress points on a roof and those areas can become compromised over time, and create a serious expense you weren’t counting on.

So How Exactly Does Wind Damage Your Roof

Although it may look smooth, your roof isn’t completely flat. And anywhere there is unevenness, those areas can be affected by wind. For instance, the corners and perimeter of the roof can be susceptible to higher wind pressures, while the center of the roof might have lower stresses. Any roofing material that is even a little bit loose is likely to be susceptible to damage as wind will get under it, pushing it up even more. Sure enough, the next time it’s windy, this gives the wind more to grab onto, creating a peeling effect. Damage like this starts small, but then continues to grow over time through repeated exposure.

Tree Damage & Debris

Significant wind can also blow debris onto your roof, damaging it. Broken tree limbs and branches, and debris from nearby yards can also end up on your roof, tearing at your shingles. It is also wise to check your gutters and downspouts. Blowing debris could have easily ended up in there, clogging them. Keep trees trimmed and away from your roof. Not only do they make handy “highways” for squirrels and other pests to get to your roof and eventually into your attic, tree branches scratching a roof will, over time, gouge roofing materials with every breeze. Branches that fall from overhanging trees can damage, or even puncture, shingles and other roofing materials.

If Your Roof has Wind Damage, Can It Wait?

Roof damage caused by wind or flying debris should be fixed immediately. More damage will occur the longer you wait and this will only increase the cost of repairs. Roof repair and even replacement cost much less when you don’t have to add in repairs for leaks and water damage when the eventual rains come. The good news is, a lot of homeowners policies cover a lot of these expenses when you submit them with a claim right away.

Choosing the RIGHT Roof Repair Contractor In Chattanooga

It is common that following a storm there are “fly-by-night” contractors who go door to door and claim they are legitimate roofing companies. Make sure you hire a roofing company that is willing to show you their business licenses, proof of insurance, certifications, and a permanent business address. Go to our website and read reviews from satisfied customers. It may eat up the clock a little when you need a repair, but it’s time well spent in the long run.

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