Are Metals Roofs Louder Than Shingles Inside The Home?

Are Metals Roofs Louder Than Shingles Inside The Home?

It’s a common debate as Chattanooga has seen more rain than ever before, especially among homeowners considering a re-roofing project: Are metal roofs noisier than other roofing types?

Homeowners in Chattanooga usually want one of the two things; they want to hear the sound of rain on their roof, or they don’t. A lot of people think the sound of rain is soothing and will help them sleep without the need for a fancy white noise machine. For others, they are worried the sound may be too disruptive.”

In either case, the issue of noise can be a deciding factor for homeowners who are considering replacing a roof.

So what is the simple answer? No. A properly made metal roof won’t transmit any more sound than any other type of roof.

People have the idea that metal roofs are loud because they have stood under metal shed roofs and they, of course, sound loud. In those cases, you are standing right below the metal panel itself.

Metal can make a pinging noise when struck but the sound transmission depends heavily on the roofing material as well as what lies below that material. A modern home should have a insulation and a layer of drywall or other ceiling material between homeowners and the roof which together will cut down significantly on the sound.

In addition to layers of sound-dampening buffers, today’s metal roofing material is often manufactured with formed or texturized patterns that help break up the impact of drops hitting the roof, leading to reduced sound. The result is a roof that is no louder than other roofing types.

Metal roofs offer many other benefits during the rainy seasons here in Chattanooga. Due to tight seam construction, protective coatings and the natural water-shedding ability of metal, properly-installed metal roofs help prevent leaks and problems that can allow moisture to seep into a home’s interior.

Ultimately, a quality metal roof that has been properly installed will deliver a lifetime of reliable protection, and for most homeowners, that’s all they’re looking for!

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