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How To Choose
The Right Color Of Gutters

Choosing a gutter color can be tricky. Do you want your gutters to make a statement by standing out, or simply blend in? Whatever your preference, most people typically do not want the gutters to become the sole focus of the home’s exterior. So, choosing a color that complements the exterior of your home is your best bet for a satisfying result. We suggest noting the color of trim that runs nearest the gutters, and choosing a color similar, or complementary to that. This will ensure a crisp, seamless result, that makes your gutters part of your home. In addition to nearby trim, when choosing a color for your gutters you may want to consider the following colors already in place: roof, brick, stone, siding, or stucco color.

The following colors are used for inspiration. Certain colors and styles may vary and are subject to availability.

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How To Choose
The Right Style Of Gutters

Deciding on the right type of downspouts and gutters to use on your property requires various components. Adequate experience is also necessary to ensure that the replacement is done the right way. Make sure to only trust the experts when it comes to your gutter replacement or repair. If you are looking to replace gutters in your home, call Armor Xteriors today. There are two basic shapes for gutters: the half-round and K-style.

Half-round gutters are similar to a pipe that has been cut in half and are typically found in older homes. The K-style gets its name from the shape of its cross-section. Traditionally, these types of gutters have flat backs and bottoms and have a front that is shaped like a crown molding. Call us for gutter repair and replacement in Chattanooga, TN today!

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