Keep the Cold Out and Savings In: Why Winter is the Best Time for New Windows

The chill of winter will soon be upon us here in Chattanooga. While some may bundle up and hunker down until spring, you could take advantage of the colder months by replacing your outdated or drafty windows.

Why should you replace windows in winter rather than waiting until summer? There are actually some great benefits to doing window replacement in the colder months. Here are the top reasons why winter is prime time for new, energy-efficient windows.

Lower Heating Costs

Old, inefficient windows can leak hot air right out of your home, forcing your furnace to work overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature. This results in higher heating bills during the coldest months.

Replacing worn out windows with new, insulated ones provides better protection from cold drafts. New windows seal tightly to reduce air leaks, and the multiple panes of glass with air spaces in between better prevent heat transfer.

According to the Department of Energy, you can reduce heat loss through windows by 10-20% simply by installing energy efficient windows. High performance options like triple pane windows can reduce heat loss even further. That means immediate savings on your energy bill this winter.

Fewer Climate Disruptions

Winter window replacement avoids the risks of rain, high heat and humidity that can interfere with installation in spring and summer. Your installation crew won’t have to deal with rain delays or dangerously hot working conditions during winter months.

Cold temperatures make sealants and adhesives stick better too. Superior adhesion means your new windows will stay securely in place for decades. Avoiding extreme weather fluctuations in winter leads to an all-around better installation.

Lower Prices and Availability

Winter is still part of the off-season for the construction industry. That makes it possible to get discounted pricing on both windows and professional installation. Manufacturers are also more likely to have windows in stock during this slower sales period.

Getting your bid accepted for new windows right now eliminates the risk of spring or summer shortages. You’ll lock in windows at the size you need without having to settle for whatever is left on the shelf later in the year.

Improved Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal may not be top of mind during cold weather, but it will be come spring. New windows can transform the look of your home’s exterior in ways that make an outstanding first impression.

Replacing old fashioned or mixed-style windows with a consistent modern style gives your home a clean, uniform look. Upgrading to premium frames like wood, fiberglass or vinyl brings added visual appeal. Complementary trim and custom color matching enhances the aesthetic even further.

Since professional installers will make sure the windows are perfectly plumb and level, the finished look will be crisp and polished. Get your curb appeal ready before winter thaws into peak home shopping season.

Why Provia Windows Are the Right Choice

To get all the benefits of winter window replacement, you need a window built for all-season performance. That’s what you’ll get from Provia’s exclusively engineered products. Here are some key reasons Provia is the top choice for cold weather installations:

  • Multiple layers of weatherstripping for a tighter seal
  • Foam-filled frames that insulate like a thermos
  • Optional triple pane glass for maximum efficiency
  • HeatLock® technology that reflects heat back into your home
  • MediCoat® antimicrobial product protection
  • Limited lifetime warranty on glass and components

Provia windows outperform ordinary vinyl, wood and composite windows on all counts. Their innovative designs will lower your power bills immediately while improving comfort.

The company’s proprietary HeatLock coating for glass gives Provia products a clear advantage over competitors. This nano-ceramic coating provides insulation capability similar to argon gas between panes. But unlike argon, the HeatLock coating will never dissipate or lose effectiveness over time. The permanent thermal barrier keeps interior glass surfaces warmer.

Provia windows also look beautiful from interior decorating to exterior facades. Their color layering process adds extra UV protection to assure their color stays true over years of sun exposure. Multi-chambered frame and sashes keep these windows robust and rigid despite cold, heat, rain and snow.

Replacing old window units provides an immediate visual pop. But Provia windows will continue to earn their worth for years through reliable performance and energy savings.

Let the Savings In with Our Winter Window Sale

Don’t let drafts and high energy bills make this winter any colder than it has to be. Provia windows are the ideal solution to upgrade your home’s cold weather comfort and efficiency.

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Get peace of mind knowing you received the highest quality windows, installed correctly at an unbelievable winter discount. Contact Armor Xteriors today to start saving with the coziest, most cost-effective windows possible. Your warm, affordable future begins here.

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