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Hiring A Chattanooga Roofing Company
Who Can Help With Insurance Claims

When your roof is damaged in Chattanooga and an insurance claim will cover the damage, it’s important to make sure you get everything out of the claim possible. Hiring a Chattanooga roofing company such as Armor Xteriors who has a staff on board is a great way to handle the restoration of your roof.

If your insurance company’s inspector and adjuster misses something or says a part of the repair is not covered, we can often times negotiate and prove that this part of the repair is necessary to restore the roof completely up to current building code standards.

Armor Xteriors is here to assist with insurance claims in order to help minimize the risk of your having to pay out-of-pocket for part of the restoration yourself.

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The Chattanooga Roofing Company
With Insurance Claims Assistance

We will send out a master roofer who is certified in roof inspections. Once there, we will do a thorough inspection of the current condition of your Chattanooga roof. We will document the details of the damage as well as the cost of repairs to restore the roof and this information will be submitted to the insurance company.

At some point determined by the time it takes for your insurance company to process the claim, they will send you information as to what will be covered, your cost for the deductible, and all their cost estimates for the roof repairs.

This is the time where the our insurance specialists will make sure their information is accurate by going off the information of the roofing company’s inspection report.

If something is missed or the insurance company only intends to pay a portion of the claim, your insurance adjuster will enter into negotiation directly with the insurance company’s adjuster. It’s a lot like having an experienced lawyer on your side to make sure you are treated fairly.

We Are Here To Assist You
With Insurance Claims In Chattanooga

Not all roofing companies have a staff with trained and experienced insurance specialists, but we do at Armor Xteriors.

Our company has helped many homeowners with storm damage repairs and insurance claims. It’s not uncommon for roofs to get damaged in our area after storms or high winds. When that happens, we help the owner of the Chattanooga home or building to get through the insurance claims process successfully.

Our insurance claims specialists are trained and skilled in the process of documenting and negotiating claims payouts. There’s nothing special you need to do to get our insurance claims assistance. This part of our service to you doesn’t cost anything additional. We assist you with insurance claims to make sure the full restoration is covered and all the work necessary can be done.

We’ll find out if an insurance claim is involved when we come out to give you an estimate and perform a roof inspection. Just be sure to call us right away after storms or anytime you suspect wind damage or impact damage.


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