Great employees you have working and representing your company

David Richards responded to my phone call to Armor Xteriors to look at my roof and determine if I needed a new roof. When he arrived for the appointment, he walked around the exterior of my house, took photos, pointed out, and explained in detail the problems with my roof. David then gave me information on the type of roof Armor installs. He explained to me in detail the process/steps and GAF product used. David was very professional and informative. I felt he was an honest good person that I could trust. After the Christmas holiday, I called David Richards and told him I decided to have Armor Xteriors replace my roof. He made an appointment and went over things, including financing that I had asked about.

Once all of that was completed after a few days Christopher Santos, the project Manager made an appointment to review the process and GAF shingle product. Christopher was very professional and felt very confident with him getting the job done. Soon after, the materials were delivered, Christopher arrived and explained in complete detail what would take place with taking the old roof off, tarps laid completely around the base of my house for the old shingles that would be taken off, etc.

Shortly after his crew of several workers arrived. The workers began setting up what they needed and began the job. I was home the entire time and noticed how each worker had their own job in the job. I was amazed at how well they worked with each other! Christopher explained and showed me some pictures taken of places on my roof where there was rotten wood that needed to be replaced and the extra cost. The workers received the wood and replaced the boards where needed. For the 6 plus hours, the crew kept working, doing their specific job, until the job was completed.

They completely cleaned up the yard around my house, making sure there was no debris left behind, except for the 3 full packages of shingles, 2 roof boots, and stripping. Christopher came back the next morning to inspect the roof with me making sure I was completely satisfied, which I was!

Thank you, Thank you, Armor Xteriors for all these great employees you have working and representing your company!! Excellent Job!!

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