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If you live in a home built before 1978 (before lead-based paints were outlawed), there is a good chance your home contains lead-based paints and plumbing, unfortunately. The older a home is, the higher the risk of lead being present and posing potential harms, particularly during the dusty, messy business of remodeling. So, if you’ve been eyeing an older, historic beauty as a fixer-upper, or you want to have your older home remodeled, it is absolutely essential to your family’s safety to have it done correctly by a remodeling firm with expertise in lead removal and containment.

Armor Xteriors is an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Remodeling Firm in Chattanooga with the expertise necessary to “get the lead out” and keep your family safe.

Expertise In Lead 

lead safe seal Remodeling projects usually require a great deal of drilling, cutting, sanding and removing of old construction materials. Naturally, these processes create a considerable amount of dust, which is one of the most common ways that people can be exposed to lead. Even tiny amounts of exposure to lead-based paint chips or dust can poison children and cause long-term health problems. There is no “safe” level of lead exposure for anyone, particularly young children.

Before remodeling, we thoroughly test and evaluate the lead situation in your home, particularly the areas where work will take place. We also put in place lead containment measures to ensure that the disruptions of remodeling do not disperse lead into your air, soil and other surfaces. We then safely remove or contain the old lead elements to keep them away from your family.

Where Lead Comes From

Inexperienced remodelers may not know exactly what all the potential sources of lead could be. Installing new windows, for example, necessitates the removal of the old ones, which will disturb paint and other, older materials that could contain lead. Even many old windows contain lead! A certified lead-safe contractor will understand how even “minor” remodeling projects could impact lead exposure, and they will know how to mitigate the problem to keep your family safe.

Prevent Lead Contamination

One of the most important things to understand about lead contamination is that a remodeling project not only impacts the indoor amounts of lead that could harm you, but also the lead that may escape into your yard and outdoor spaces. Leaded dust and paint chips that settle in the soil can have just as harmful an effect on children and people who spend time outdoors (gardening, for example) as the dust on an inside windowsill. Our Chattanooga lead-safe certified design/build firm uses all means necessary to prevent lead exposure, both indoors and outdoors, during remodeling projects.

Continued Education

Contractors who are certified by the EPA as “lead-safe certified” have to follow a set of established rules and protocols on each job. That means we submit an official application with the EPA, pay fees and receive specialized training in lead removal, containment and exposure prevention that touches all areas of construction and remodeling. In addition, we are required to update our training every five years in order to stay certified. We are also bound, by the terms set forth by the EPA, to have at least one certified employee assigned to each project, and each project must only be performed by correctly-trained professionals. This process helps us continue learning about new technologies and techniques that further minimize your family’s exposure to lead before, during and after any remodeling project.

In addition to keeping ourselves educated and trained in the ongoing effort to remove lead exposure from homes across Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama, we also educate our clients about lead risks and our means of reducing them through renovation and remodeling. Educating our clients empowers them to make smart choices that help them keep lead away from their families.

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