Chattanooga, Elevate Your Home with James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

If you’re considering upgrading or replacing the siding on your home, one of the best options to consider is James Hardie fiber cement siding. As a trusted leader in exterior building materials, Hardie siding offers unparalleled benefits when professionally installed.

We’ll explore the advantages of this premium siding and why it should be at the top of your list for your next siding project.

What is James Hardie Siding?

James Hardie siding is composed of fiber cement, a composite material made from sand, cement and cellulose fibers. It was first developed by the James Hardie company in Australia in the 1980s as an innovative new exterior cladding.

After establishing its durability and resistance, James Hardie emerged as a leader in the siding industry. Their high density fiber cement siding is now used on millions of buildings across North America.

When comparing siding materials, what sets fiber cement like Hardie apart is its superior durability and longevity. Yet it provides natural beauty and can mimic styles from wood to stucco. Hardie siding comes engineered to withstand all seasons and resist damage, all while requiring very low maintenance.

Benefits of James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

There are many reasons James Hardie siding is trusted by homeowners, builders, and siding installation experts alike. The key benefits include:


James Hardie siding is highly impact resistant and built to last decades without showing signs of wear and tear. The dense compressed material resists damage from hail, fallen branches, termites, and more. The siding won’t crack, rot or deteriorate like wood or other materials. This durability translates into long-term value for your home.

Weather and Moisture Resistance

Fully cured James Hardie siding offers water resistance comparable to vinyl siding, but also stands up to high heat and freeze-thaw cycles. The fiber cement material provides rain protection while maintaining its shape and form through any climatic condition. It won’t bend, warp or buckle due to moisture.

Fire Resistance

Unlike wood or vinyl siding, James Hardie siding is non-combustible and achieves the highest-class A fire rating. This adds an important layer of safety and protection to your home.

Pest Resistance

Pests like ants, termites, and woodpeckers cannot penetrate, nest in, or cause damage to James Hardie siding. This prevents costly repairs or replacements.

Color Retention

James Hardie uses ColorPlus finish protection to seal in vibrant colors and provide resistance to fading. Their siding maintains its freshly painted appearance for years longer than other materials.

Wind Resistance

Engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds, Hardie siding comes warranted to speeds over 100 mph. Each piece interlocks tightly and gets professionally secured during installation.

Even Insulating Properties

The dense fiber cement composition provides an even layer of insulation, helping regulate interior temperatures. This improves energy efficiency compared to uneven insulation from warped siding.

Low Maintenance & Upkeep

Aside from occasional cleaning, James Hardie siding is virtually maintenance-free. It never needs refinishing or painting, which saves you time and hassle.

Warranty Protection

James Hardie backs their siding products with up to a 30-year limited warranty, giving you peace of mind on your investment. The siding itself is designed to last well beyond that.

These unparalleled benefits make James Hardie fiber cement siding a top choice for homeowners wanting to boost their home’s appearance, value, safety, and efficiency. The low maintenance composition keeps your home looking fresh and vibrant for decades to come.

James Hardie Siding Styles & Options

One of the great things about James Hardie siding is the diverse options and styles available. Whether your home is traditional or modern, small or large, simple or ornate, there is a Hardie siding to meet your needs.

Some of the most popular James Hardie siding styles include:

  • HardiePlank® Lap Siding: Mimics classic wood siding with a timeless look. Comes in widths from 4 to 12 inches.
  • HardieShingle® Siding: Architecturally shaped shingles for a natural cedar shake aesthetic.
  • HardiePanel® Siding: Vertically installed panels creating a unique, modern appearance.
  • HardieTrim® Boards: Decorative trim boards for window frames, eaves, bands, and other accents.
  • HardieSoffit® Panels: Ventilated or non-ventilated soffits provide a smooth finished underside.

Hardie siding comes primed from the factory and can be painted any color. Or opt for their pre-finished ColorPlus line with 15-year warranties against fading. This factory applied finish coats all board edges and makes painting faster and easier.

Beyond traditional lap styles, Hardie Artisan® siding offers innovative textures and dimensional looks, like:

  • Cedarmill©: Mimics planed cedar texture
  • Smooth: Clean modern finish
  • Stucco: Elegant faux stucco pattern

New styles like HardieShingle® siding also recreate the richness of real cedar without the high cost.

With the array of products from James Hardie, you can achieve the exact look you envision for your home’s exterior. Their siding transforms not just appearance but also efficiency and protection.

Why Choose Professional Hardie Siding Installation?

While James Hardie siding delivers premium quality, proper installation is crucial to achieve the best performance and appearance. Poor installation techniques can lead to siding damage, separations, gaps, and even voided warranties.

That’s why it’s wise to select professional siding installers with extensive experience and training in working with Hardie products. Correctly installed, your Hardie siding should last over 50 years!

Signs of quality Hardie siding installation include:

– Thorough surface prep – siding installed onto flat, clean surfaces
– Full manufacturer-required fastening – nails/screws at proper lengths and spacing for your region’s wind zone
– Joint flashing and caulking – ensures water flows over not into seams
– Proper clearance from horizontal surfaces – avoids water-wicking
– Neat corner treatments – precise lines and gaps for aesthetic finish
– Thorough clean up – leaving no debris, nails, or traces of installation behind

Professional installers have access to Hardie’s detailed installation guides, take James Hardie certification courses, and receive ongoing training. They understand the nuances of working with fiber cement materials.

This expertise translates into long-lasting performance and outcomes that align with the product warranty protections. Don’t take chances with improper siding installations. Partner with trusted local pros.

Choosing the Best Contractor for Hardie Siding Installation

If you’re in the Chattanooga area and considering James Hardie siding for your next exterior project, the experts at Armor Xteriors stand ready to flawlessly handle your siding installation, replacement or repair needs.

As a locally owned and operated company, Armor Xteriors provides customized James Hardie siding solutions for homeowners throughout the region. Our experienced team brings over 20 years of installing Hardie products on every type of home.

Our Commitment to Hardie Siding Excellence Includes:

  • James Hardie Certified Installers on Staff
  • Extensive Product Knowledge and Training
  • Meticulous Installation Practices
  • Seamless Project Management from Start to Finish
  • Superior Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail
  • Total Cleanup and Disposal of Old Siding Materials
  • Industry Leading Warranties on Products and Labor

Armor Xteriors takes the time to fully understand your goals and vision for your home’s exterior transformation. We provide 3D design renderings to envision the finished look with your selected Hardie products before getting started.

Once underway, we handle the entire process – procuring top-quality Hardie siding, securing permits, preparing the facade, installing new materials, flashing, caulking, priming and painting, and tidying up the property. We won’t consider the job done until you are completely satisfied!

James Hardie siding delivers unmatched quality into your hands. And Armor Xteriors ensures impeccable installation and service – so you gain lasting value and enjoyment from your investment.

Contact our team today to request a free quote for James Hardie siding. We serve residential and commercial projects across Hamilton County. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your property with the best siding available!

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