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Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are popular because the top and bottom sash both open and tilt in for easy cleaning from inside your home. They also offers flexible ventilation from the bottom or top—offering a safe option for homes with children and pets. Classically beautiful, they coordinate with any architectural design.

Double Hung Windows

Why Choose Double Hung Windows?

Double hung windows offer a classic look that coordinates with any home style. They’re commonly associated with Colonial, Cape Cod, Craftsman and Victorian homes, however they’re a great choice for any new construction or replacement project.

Double hung windows feature two operable sash which can be opened to let cool air in through the bottom pane and release warm air through the top pane. This can help improve airflow.

The design of double hung windows allows both sash to tilt in so homeowners can access the exterior. For multi-story homes, this makes double hung windows a great option because both the interior and exterior sash can be easily cleaned from the inside.

Vinyl Double Hung Windows

Our vinyl double hung windows are durable and energy efficient, providing superior performance you can count on. Our premium vinyl material features long-lasting colors and is resistant to damage from the elements. Vinyl provides excellent insulation to keep your family comfortable in any season.

Aluminum-Clad Wood Double Hung Windows

Aluminum-clad double hung windows offer the timeless look of a wood window with an easy-to-maintain aluminum clad exterior. The durable aluminum-clad exterior provides excellent structural integrity and protects the interior wood from damage.

Our aluminum clad double hung windows offer flexibility in design. Complement your home’s design with a broad selection of exterior aluminum-clad colors. Customize the natural, stain-grade clear wood interior with paints or stains.

Wood Composite Double Hung Windows

Double hung wood composite windows offer superior thermal performance and low-maintenance design with the traditional look of wood. Our composite cellular PVC exterior protects the genuine wood interior and is resistant to damage from moisture.

Design your wood composite double hung windows to complement the style of your home.

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