How To Identify Storm Damage To Your Roof

With the recent severe storms that Chattanooga has been facing, you may be experiencing roof leaks, missing shingles, or downed trees damaging your roof. Other than the obvious signs of roof damage, how do you determine and identify roof damage caused by a severe storm?

Any type of damage to your roof can lead to problems, although they may not seem major now, soon it will become important that you repair or replace your roof in Chattanooga.

The Most Common Storm Damage Done To Your Roof

Identify Storm Damage To Your Roof In Chattanooga Some severe weather will leave very obvious signs of damage to your roof, where other damage will be harder to detect, but may also cause major headaches. Some of of the most common roof damages caused by severe weather are:

If you notices any of the above damage, it is recommended that you repair or replace your roof as soon as possible to avoid any structural damage or leaks within your home that will lead to much more damage and expensive repairs down the line.

Less Noticeable Storm Damage To Your Roof

Although some damages may be obvious, there are other types of damage that may cause severe problems, but are much harder to pinpoint. The number one cause for damage that often goes unnoticed is hail. Hail damage can cause:

  • Dark spots or bruising
  • Removing of granules
  • Small holes
  • Cracking

Although the problems may be small and very hard to see, repairing them soon is important to avoid much more expensive roof repairs down the line. Small damages can allow mold to form, early deterioration, or can spread quickly into larger problems.

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