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Subject to the terms and conditions of this Warranty, Royal Building Products (USA) Inc. (herein Royal) warrants to the Homeowner that its Exterior PortfolioSolidCoRe Siding® , soffits and accessories (“Products”) are free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship if installed according to our installation instructions, and will not rot, peel, flake, corrode, blister, split, chip, fade excessively or fade unevenly when exposed evenly. This Warranty will remain in effect for the lifetime of the home – the period of time when the structural integrity remains intact. It may be transferred to subsequent Homeowner(s) as set forth below. Royal reserves the right to discontinue, modify or otherwise alter any of its Products, including color, without prior notice. This Warranty is made exclusively and specifically to the person(s) who both owns and continuously resides in the home on which the Products are installed (herein “Homeowner”) if that person is the original purchaser of Royal’s Product(s) covered under this warranty. This warranty is also made to a Homeowner who purchases a newly constructed residence on which the Product is installed directly from the builder. Where Royal’s Product(s) are installed on a structure (i) not occupied exclusively by the Homeowner (including his or her immediate family), (ii) used for income producing purposes, or (iii) used in a public or semi-public application, such as (but not limited to) a condominium, apartment building, house of worship, school, medical facility, senior living facility, government building, hotel, etc., then the warranty is made solely to the original owner of the structure (“Commercial Owner”) and is not transferrable. The term of the Commercial Owner’s warranty is 60 years. If Royal determines at its sole discretion, that its Product(s) have a manufacturing defect covered under the Terms of this Warranty, Royal will at its option, either (1) refund the purchase price of the material and the cost of original labor paid to install Product(s), (2) pay to repair, replace, refinish or coat any Product it determines has a manufacturing defect including the cost of labor not in excess of the original cost of installation. In the event of repair, replacement, refinishing or coating, the warranty applicable to the original Product(s) shall apply to the repaired, replaced, refinished or coated Product and will extend for the balance of the original term of the warranty period. These remedies are the sole remedies for any defect to the Product.


This warranty can only be transferred once by the original Homeowner to an immediate subsequent Homeowner, and the term of the warranty remains a Lifetime Limited warranty. If the subsequent owner of the home is not an individual homeowner, as described above, this warranty is not transferrable. To transfer your warranty on-line, please visit the website below. Failure to do so may result in the termination of any obligations on the part of Royal.

Hail Coverage:

Hail is considered an abnormal weather condition. Any hail damage to your Product(s) should be claimed against any applicable homeowner’s insurance. In addition to the foregoing, any costs incurred not covered by applicable homeowner’s insurance can be claimed upon application for warranty coverage and the payment of a $50 (Fifty US Dollars) for warranty servicing. This hail coverage shall only cover replacement material costs and never any labor to replace damaged pieces of product. Proof of insurance required.


Royal’s warranty does not provide protection against any damage caused by events beyond normal weathering conditions (defined below), including, but not limited to:

  • Improper installation
  • Misuse or negligence
  • Failure to provide reasonable maintenance to prevent accumulation of dirt, mildew, staining materials, pollution, exposure to chemical products or incompatible cleaners
  • Alterations, like applying paints, coatings, stains or varnishes
  • Improper handling or storage
  • Defects in the wall structure (materials or construction) on which Royal’s products are installed that cause failure, such as movement, cracking or settling of the wall, foundation or building.
  • Deformation caused by high heat sources, including, but not limited to, grills, fire pits
    and reflections from foil sheathing, low e-glass windows and low e-glass doors
  • Damage caused by animals or insects
  • Impact of foreign objects, hail, lightning, fire, hurricane, tornadoes, or other Acts of God
  • Vandalism, intentional damage, riot or insurrection.

Normal weathering” is defined as exposure to sun light, atmosphere and typical variations in temperatures that will cause any colored or painted surface to fade, darken, or acquire a surface accumulation of dirt or stains. The severity of these conditions depends on air quality, the geographic location of the property and other local conditions over which Royal has no control. Royal shall determine, at its discretion, whether the siding is suffering from abnormal weathering (which is not covered by warranty). This conclusion shall be based on whether the Product(s) evidence a change in color in excess of the Hunter Units, as calculated according to ASTM D2244, as outlined in the chart herein. Product(s) must have been exposed to the same weathering conditions and not partially covered by other materials, such as shutters, awnings, porticos or other materials.

The following fade limits expressly apply to the following standard brands of Exterior Portfolio vinyl siding: Parkview® and Elm Grove®.

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Exterior Portfolios offers  lifetime limited warranty on all their standard vinyl siding.

  • Automatic Transferability
  • Additional Limited Replacement Coverage
  • No Deductibles, Fees or Service Charges
  • Coverage Against Chalking

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