everything you should know about drip edge

Why Is Drip Edge Important, & What Exactly Is It?

Do you know about roofing drip edge? Well, if you are unaware of it, let us give you a brief overview! It is basically an aluminium piece or metal flashing that has been designed to protect the underlying roofing parts. It does so by obstructing the water flow to reach the fascia. The drip edge features a minute metal projection that has been perfectly angled and faced away from the fascia. The slanting lip allows water to slide away and never enters the house. Basically, it acts as a middleman between the shingles and gutter.

Roofing drip edge protects the shingles from facing any kind of water damage

Roofing drip edge helps in protecting the roof and its shingles from facing water damage. Damage can happen underneath the shingles of the roof due to various reasons, most notably the weather calamities. Water can get under the shingles and create a certain kind of staining effect. Prolonged water in the shingles can result in damaging the fascia board and also causing roof deck deterioration. If water remains on the roof for a longer period, the trusses and joists may loosen up and eventually results in leakage. Ultimately, certain areas in the interior part of the house also get damaged. All these may lead to high expenses in repairing process. Henceforth, the drip edge is necessary to act as a protective covering.

Drip edge also prevents critters from getting into the attic

Critters and rodents may attack your attic and stay inside, thus developing their nest. It can result in harming the foundation of the attic severely. If not taken proper care, these rodents and pests may even get into the interior living space. But with roofing drip edge, the gaps between the decking and fascia are sealed. So naturally, the rodents and small animals, birds, etc will not be able to crawl into the attic.

The right location for drip edge installation

Figure out the exact location of drips. In most common scenarios, the gutter eaves are the places where drips happen. Also, the rake board edges also face the wrath at times. You need to seek professional help to figure out the areas of drips and accordingly consider the installation of the drip edge. Installing drip edges on the rake boards can be a risky proposition but expert installers will manage the part perfectly. The super large F5 Drip edge can be used for installing the drip edges on rake boards.

The different designs availability

There are basically 3 common design styles available for the drip edges:

  • The “L” style
  • The “T” style
  • The “Hemmed” style

While the “L” style drip edges are used on low sloped roof decks, the “T” style is commonly used on gable roof and rake edges. On the other hand, the “Hemmed” option goes perfectly well with metal roofs. The open hem acts as a barrier and restricts water from entering.

Many contractors may provide incorrect information about drip edge and other waterproofing options. However at Armor Xteriors of Chattanooga, believe the drip edge is essential to safeguard your roof and to protect your roofline during all seasons. If you are experiencing waterproofing issues in your roof or leaks throughout your house, it could be caused by a poor roof. You may need to get your roof repaired or a whole new roof depending on the specifics.

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